There is a wealth of wisdom, just beyond the edge of your consciousness…

We spend most of our lives trying to change the outside world so that we can feel comfortable inside, which we believe then allows us to finally be happy.

However this is the great myth of the world, for true change never comes from outside. In order to change your outer world, you must first change the inner…

Through the powerful process of “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique” (QHHT), I assist others to change their world from the inside out. QHHT is a unique form of hypnosis that allows us to remove blockages and trauma, find answers to life long questions and resolve mental, emotional issues and even physical issues.

Like many, I searched for the answers to life’s numerous questions, both big and small, for many, many years. Through my own intense spiritual journey and eventual spiritual awakening, I found my answers.

Now I help other people to find theirs.


As a intuitive empath and lifelong healer, my passion is to share my journey, to help people find their way. In doing so, I work to assist others in gaining clarity and understanding of themselves, as well as their inner and outer world’s.

On my “Ascension Notes” page, I also share information to help others on their spiritual path. In these posts, I share my personal journey as well as revelations and what I like to call “incoming information” from my guides. Here you’ll find helpful information on the reality of the universe, the ascension, energetic updates and much more.


To find out more about QHHT, please visit the links below.

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