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We find ourselves in a time of unprecedented change within the course of human history. Not just a shift within our outer world, but a shift within our minds. The next step in human consciousness, has already begun…

Welcome to the new world.

If you want to strip away the mystery, exclusivity and inaccessibility that others lay upon who you really are, why we’re here and what we’re capable of, then step inside.

If your ready to finally take up your true power as a Divine Being and no longer be a victim of life circumstances and other people… Then your in the right place, at the right time.

Piper has been helping both groups and individuals learn how to step into their true, Divine power for the last 20 years.

Much of her unique view on life and expanded state of awareness, came from a near death experience in 2002. That experience blew open the doors of her perception and change her life forever. The transformation brought with it the ability to also perceive on multiple dimensions, psychic abilities and much more.

Now Piper helps others to connect with their higher selves, rewire their physical, mental and emotional bodies and literally rewrite our lives.

One of the ways she does this is through her “Inner Master” sessions. This is a process which syncs the left and right hemispheres of the brain, giving others the opportunity to access a state of consciousness where we have the ability to change anything in their life.

Another process she developed is called “Hypnotika: Hypnosis for the Soul”. In individual journeys, there is a focus on self healing and eliminating the things that hold us back. During these sessions, people have experienced a multitude of extraordinary experiences, from experiencing God, to no longer needing surgeries planned for the next day. Some see past lives, some find long lost loved one’s, while others have life changing revelations. There are no limits here.

There are also “Hypnotika: Hypnosis for the Soul” group sessions as well, allowing even more individuals to experience the magic. Instead of being geared towards just one individual, they incorporate the energy of all participants, allowing for a unique, unifying and healing experience for everyone.

Piper also offers individual counselling sessions, ranging from dealing with the issues of life and love, to those who wish to understand the inner workings of the Universe and our place in it. She also runs a thriving Tarot business, where she uses her expanded perspective and psychic abilities to gain information in order to guide and direct others in moving forward in their lives.

For more information about these services, click on the “Services” menu above. To contact Piper, use the “Contact” menu above to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!


“Amazing support and perspective.
From all the experience, what has been even more amazing is Piper’s generosity in time and presence. In a moment of crisis she sustained me in different ways, being a true angel in human form. Her presence and reassurance allowed me to be fully vulnerable and be in touch with the divine core. For this I’m deeply grateful”

M. Salazar


“Oh Piper it’s worked.

I’m blown away by God coming through. Hearing that on the recording and remembering that feeling is life altering in itself.

The Healing so far, has enabled the tooth infection I had during the session to clear overnight. The planned treatment was no longer required. The severe hip pain I was experiencing has disappeared completely. I started Yoga today and brought the memory through while holding four minute poses. A life transforming experience that I shall forever be grateful for Piper. Thank you again!”

H. Derham


“My husband and I had a session with Piper and we both found the experience amazing! I had been searching for a someone for a number of years and I came across Piper. I was drawn to her and decided to give it a try. My intuition directed me to her. From the moment we spoke on the phone, I can sense that she is a warm and sensitive soul. She did answer all my queries and was very welcoming and helpful. When the day arrived for my session, I was very excited and I knew that I am going to enjoy the experience and I did! and more! I was amazed on how thorough she was. We also talked about different things which opened my mind to different possibilities, and she helped me dissolve the different programs which I was into. Programs that I did not need in this lifetime which held me back. The healing I had after the session was so profound and I know that I was not the same person after the experience. Something changed in me in a very big way. I cannot fully explain it but there is a strong sense of peace within and a strong sense of purpose. My path has opened up more and I am just excited to where it will lead me. I know that I am being guided and the universe is sending out synchronicities to help me in my spiritual journey. I am still absorbing the energies felt during the session and reflecting on the experience. The healing will stay with me and continue to work on the physical, mental and emotional level. I am now embarking on a different path,. A path to self realisation and empowerment as a light worker, healer, etc. It has been an amazing experience, and the work does not stop there. It is a beginning of something more profound.. Watch this space…

Thank you Piper for passing on your wisdom and knowledge and for a beautiful, unforgettable, amazing experience. Continue your great work! You are a truly a great light worker and a master in your field. I look forward to be reading your book. I wish you all the best. Nothing happens by chance or accidents. Will always be in touch and let you know of future developments.”

A.& S. Richards


“My experience with “Hypnotika: Hypnosis for the Soul” & the amazing Piper was deeply moving.

Piper invested a lot of time & energy to get to know me & understand why I needed the healing.
Piper is warm, open & caring. I was completely at ease & able to open up with some my deepest experiences & emotions.
The session was emotional,  full of love & the healing….totally blew me away.
I have been suffering with joint sensitivity for many years & since my healing, this has reduced almost to nothing.
Piper is a beautiful soul & a natural healer.
I can’t thank her enough for what was a truly cleansing, healing experience & highly I recommend her!”🙏❤
M. Little


“Thank you again for the Hypnotika Hypnosis session, it was truly amazing! I feel like a new person! I now see with great clarity AND can feel my connection with my higher self daily…definitely getting stronger! It took a few days for the process to come to completion for me but was well worth it!”

~ J. Rocke


“Piper Cheyanne is a phenomenal healer and her energy can help with a massive range of physical and mental difficulties – I would recommend this to anyone looking to create a positive change in their mindset ❤ she has helped me many times over the past year, boosting my energy, clearing my mind & promoting self love ❤”

~ J. Beer


“I had a wonderful experience with Piper. I really didn’t know what to expect as I have seen so many videos  on YouTube so I was a little nervous as I didn’t know what I would feel or see! As soon as I arrived, Piper made me feel very welcome. She had prepared the room beautifully with aromas of different oils and some spectacular crystals for protection and grounding. Piper’s soft, gentle and nurturing voice put me at ease and she made me feel secure. There was no feeling of judgement so I felt completely relaxed. Once I was under hypnosis, we didn’t go over any past lives as my higher self came through right away to provide definite answers to the questions I had pre prepared. Most of the answers I knew intuitively but it was helpful to hear them come so fluently and definitely without fear or anxiety clouding the information. I would highly recommend Piper if you want to try her Hypnotica Hypnosis, meet your higher self and heal your inner child. So worthwhile, a life changing experience!”

~ H. Tasher


“Piper is so tuned in and connected to exactly what you are experiencing in real time. During a time of such confusion she was able to bring such clarity and no nonsense guidance that I so desperately needed! I highly recommend her!”

~ S. Molera