Imagination: The Key to Creation

If you look up to word “imagination” in the dictionary, you may find it defined in such statements as:

“A conceptual or mental creation, often a baseless or fanciful one.”.

The problem with this definition, is that pretty much everybody agrees with it. We’ve all been taught to believe that our imagination is  something we made up, something that isn’t real and has no basis in reality.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. For our imagination is where we create things before manifesting them into physical reality.


In fact the use of “remote viewing”, is a process which uses the imagination. It is defined as “the ability to acquire accurate information about a distance, or non-local place, person, or event without using your physical senses or any other obvious means”.

The U.S. government knows this only too well, as demonstrated in their use of remote viewing in the “Stargate Project”. Where they were obviously convinced of the reality of remote viewing, because they spent $20 million dollar researching it and other psychic abilities for military applications, over a 20 year period from 1975 to 1995.


Nikola Tesla (the famous 20th century inventor of alternating current, x-rays, wireless communication, the electric motor and much more) extensively detailed how he used his imagination as his only tool. He would work out every detail of his inventions in his imagination, before actually building them.

So unlike other inventors, who spent years labouring over failed experiments… because he used his imagination to build everything… all of his experiments worked the very first time he physically made them.


Now, if our imagination was nothing, then why is every single one  of us born with one? If it really wasn’t very important to our survival, then wouldn’t evolution have fazed it out thousands of years ago? And even more importantly, why is it so incredibly powerful?

There are people who understand the true nature of reality and the part we play in this creation.  They understand that our imagination can be used to create anything.


Our imagination does it’s work in the 4th dimensional level, which is a reflection of and very similar to the 3rd dimension. In the 4th dimension, our imagination is able to build a blueprint of the things that we think about.

This begins as an energetic state and the more we think about something, the more energy it draws in. The more energetic mass it accumulates, the denser and heavier it gets, until it eventually solidifies and manifests into our 3D reality. Which is exactly why you get what you think about.


The problem comes in that people don’t understand the powerful creators we are. Until people understand the process and put it into action, they’ll continue to try to change their lives, by trying to change the outside first. A very stressful, labor intensive and exhausting way of attempting to go about creation, which more often than not, doesn’t work anyway.

Learning how to use your imagination through meditation or hypnosis, is the first step to self mastery when learning to create and direct your life.

Our imagination is probably the most little understood tool that we have in our tool belt. For with this under explored part of ourselves, we can create world’s.