The Elixir Of Life

You’ve always wanted to be loved, for every incredible thing that you are… because you knew love would heal all your wounds and all cure your ill’s.

You knew that when wrapped in the arms of unconditional love,

you would be happy, you would be saved… you would be healed.

Why would you think the world is any different?

Anger at others and the state of the world, will never heal it.

Just as when it is pointed at you.

So how to heal the world?

Just ask yourself, what would heal you?

You know what it is that you desire for yourself more than anything…

Being cared for & nurtured, loved & understood, accepted for everything that you are…. and for everything you ever wanted to be.

Without ridicule, judgement or condemnation. With only acceptance of the incredible, individual, beautiful being that you are.

Then love the world and all of those in it, for it is only love that heals.

Love the world as you wished to be loved.

Love yourself as you want others to love you.

You can choose to be one more angry, unhappy person and add more grief to the world…. or you can choose again.

You already know where anger leads.

So choose a different path. Recognise yourself for the incredible individual, part of the whole rainbow that you are.

Love yourself with all your heart…

Then go out and love some more…