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To Write Love on Yourself

You may have heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiments. He wrote the book “The Hidden Messages in Water” (as well as many others), where he proved scientifically, that we are each able to influence the molecular structure of water and even purify it, simply by our thoughts and intentions alone.


By writing the words “I Love You”, “Hate”, etc, on a container of water (or simply saying the words), then freezing the water and looking at the water crystals under a microscope, he found that the water had been profoundly affected and what he saw was astonishing.

The water with positive words written on it, formed incredible, intricate patterns of beauty. Whereas the water with negative words couldn’t even form a crystal at all. In fact the impact of the negative words clearly produced very distorted patterns.

Since our bodies are made up of more than 70% water, it’s pretty eye-opening to begin to understand the implications of this discovery. We all know that the negative self talk we engage in on a daily basis isn’t good for us, but Dr. Emoto’s work proves just how  destructive it really is.

We’ve all experienced the life changing impact others words have had on us throughout our lifetime, but few of us thoroughly understand that how we perceive and think about ourselves, is literally dictating our wellbeing.

A year ago, I started to understand the power of vibration and intent. Having already known about Dr. Emoto’s work, it was then that I began to write the words “Love”, “Pure”, “Healthy”, “Perfect”,  on my water.

Then one day, the thought popped inside my head, if one could write the word “Love” on a container of water and change its cellular structure… then why couldn’t you do exactly the same thing to your body as well?

So I got a vegetable based, water solvent, pink marker pen and began writing on myself. I not only wrote the word “Love”, but also “Perfect”, “Joyful”, “Healthy”, “Abundant”… “Enlightened”. I wrote the words to describe everything I wanted for myself.

I began to open up to more information and realised that the abilities of water are much more incredible then we have even begun to understand. Over the years I have heard numerous spiritual teachers say to drink more water… but no one seemed to ever really explained exactly why….. then finally, I got it.

Water is not only programmable by our own thoughts and intent, but by the Source who created it as well. When we connect with Source/God/The Creator in our daily lives, having a well hydrated physical body allows us to absorb and hold more of that energy in the form of light, because of waters tremendous capacity to hold information.

Eventually I realised that I should do it to other things I thought were impacting me negatively as well, so I wrote “Love” on the medication I so disliked taking. If the vibration of our words affected water so deeply, then surely they must affect everything else around us as well.

Eventually I came to the point where I was able to expand on my understanding of how my negative view point regarding anything in my life, was effecting me. I certainly wasn’t changing the impact of the things I thought were hurting me by disliking them, or pushing them away from me. I realised that instead, I had to go through them. I had to accept and absord them completely.

It is only the higher vibration of love that transforms all. And the incredible discovery about it was, that each one of us is born with the ability to create and transform. So just as light does, we can absorb and transmute the darkness by embracing it.

By accepting and loving everything in our lives, we transform not only ourselves, but everything around us at the same time. This is our true power, our ability to create anything we desire… and we do it through  the embrace of our love.