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A New Way Of Being


This is a new time, this is a new way of being. This is all about the bigger picture. It’s about service to humanity, releasing the past and sharing resources. We are in a time of Ascension and it is here, all around us now.

First our consciousness and then the body, ascends into a higher state of being. This is the process of consciously embodying our entire soul, since the language of the soul is quantum and mathematical, translating that in the human language isn’t easy.

We are transforming into a multidimensionality which appears weird and strange and doesn’t fit into the reality were used to and it’s not going to either, because it’s not meant to.

Were shifting our reality from a linear one, to a quantum one. This is the evolution of our DNA on a molecular level of atomic particle. Our DNA is alive and connected to everything. Which is why the old belief systems are being obliterated and broken down. Our photonic light body is quantum and regenerative and this is what are bodies are transforming into.


However when we first start to wake up, we don’t know how to function as an energy body. So we keep trying to interfere and override the process. Which is why we have to let go and surrender to the process, because it’s going to happen whether we wanted to or not.

Our ego is our unconscious programming and in order to process this new way of being, we need to let go of judgement so that we have no limiting beliefs and therefore no limiting realities. Everytime we speak, we create our reality. So if you talk about the lack of things, you will create that reality for yourself.

Everything in your physical reality is it. It’s all about love and respecting yourself. This isn’t about thinking, it’s about just being that pure love and light.

Your light body is inside of you. Up to this point, all your negative emotions have been anchored to the physical body and as we ascend, this all has to be cleared. So the body needs rest when it needs to rest, cry when it needs to cry. Listen to it so that you can process all of it and then leave that lower vibration behind. The physical pain, the numbness, this is your light body trying to activate, so it’s working to clear all the lower vibrational frequencies that you hold, in order for you to ascend.

So surrender to this process, welcome it in. This is your pathway to higher states of being.