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Where The Magic Begins…

What your doing is just learning again, to be the relaxed, joyful being, that is already complete and fully developed inside of you. It’s just a dropping off of the outer, protective shell we all have.

Nothing is out of place and their’s nothing to fix.

Just a gentle realisation that your already there. So just relax, accept and allow everything to flow through you. Don’t try to grab it, don’t try to control it. Don’t even try to understand it… To do so will only tie you to it and allow it to pull you along behind it. So just let things go by you, not attaching yourself to them or their outcome.

No more ducking and weaving in the world like we used to…. trying to protect ourselves. Just the beautiful joy of who we came into this world as, once again breathing life into ourselves. Understanding that everything is absolutely perfect as it is… and just flow around it… play with it…. enjoy it.

Pretty soon you’ll feel comfortable enough not to edit yourself around anyone. And that’s… when the real magic begins… because that’s your real signature, and that’s how the universe recognises you.

It’s then that you gain the key that unlocks… everything…


Much Love…

~ Piper