New Year… New You?

You’re already perfect and complete, just the way you are. πŸŒˆπŸ’ŽπŸ‘‘πŸ’ŽπŸŒˆ

You don’t have to be thinner, richer, prettier, more popular, more talented, stop smoking, or even become enlightened. Being who you really are, means accepting that YOU, just as you are, are already perfect. What makes you feel “imperfect”, is because you keep choosing the things that hurt you… trying to “fit in”, trying to “be enough”, because you believe the Matrix programming that says YOU need to change because theirs something wrong with you.

But that’s saying theirs something wrong with God/Source/The Creator, because that’s exactly who you are. You are the part of God that came into this experience to EXPERIENCE it, to do the things that YOU really want to do, not everyone else. Otherwise, what would be the point of that? Their in charge of their experience… what ever it is that they choose… and your in charge of yours.

What your passionate about, your passionate about for a reason. It’s because your higher self keeps trying to tell you to do it! To have fun, be fulfilled, to fill yourself with joy! Otherwise, what the hell are you here for?! To live the “story” of pain and suffering, only to die at the end of it? No! Reject destructive thinking. Step back and REALIZE what it’s really doing to you.

Your not here to live your life for everyone else, to make everyone else happy at the cost of your own happiness. When you’re happy instead of miserable, everyone else will automatically feel much better being around you anyway. THAT’S how you help others, THAT’S how you heal them. Just ask yourself, what kind of people would you rather be around? What kind of environment helps you? People who are upset, pissed off and suffering? Or people who are happy, excited and full of life because their living the life THEY want to?

Falling in love with yourself IS the best way to help yourself and the world. YOU, are unconditional love and you are already enough… just the way you are. You already ARE God. What do you think God is? Stop living your life doing what you DON’T really want to do. Whether it’s trying to please other people, because you think you have to, or just because it plain old scares you. Making yourself “unhappy”, is never going to lead to a place marked “Happiness”.

Loving yourself, means giving yourself the things you’ve always wanted. The things you’d give and do for someone that you loved more than anyone else you’ve ever loved before. Fall in love with yourself, IS falling in love with the reflection of God.