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You are it…

What have you, or I, to complain about in our lives? Is there really anything?

Most of us spend our lives complaining, fighting and worrying over the things we don’t have.

Is there really any point? You and I have so much, SO much. Compared to so many who have little, to less than nothing.

So what matters? Love, compassion, gratitude, servitude. graciousness, gratitude. They matter…. In fact, they are all that truly matter.

Spending our lives focusing on all the silly, pointless worries we have, is to waste our lives on things that really don’t matter, nor do they make a difference in the big scheme of things. All they do is add more anger and fear to a world already soaked in it.

Salvation, sanity, love… they come into this world, through us.

They are birthed into this world through every single one of us.
In fact, they can’t get here any other way.

We are the saviours… of ourselves, the world. We ARE it.

Everything in life is a choice.

Choose to be the pure light of love, of compassion in this world, in every way possible…