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Through The Eye’s Of Love

In considering all the things that I could write about today, I decided that ultimately, there could be nothing more important in all the world than to write about love.

I say this because when we understand the power of our mind to transform anything in the world by viewing it through the eyes of love, then we finally realize the incredible gift that lies within the heart of us all. And right now, I don’t think there’s anything we can do that would change the world for the better more quickly, than to look at it from the viewpoint of love. 

Now, I know that’s an idea that most people have a very difficult time with, because there are so many things within other people and the world at large that we dislike, sometimes even hate. 

But hear me out.

Looking at others with love actually changes both you and the other person for the better, from the inside out. In fact, it does more good than you can possibly imagine. All beings on the planet are telepathic and humans are no different. Don’t think your significant other and others in the world are picking up on your mental thoughts and feelings about them? Think again. 

We all pick up on what other people think about us, especially those closest to us. Whether we  feel someone doesn’t truly love us, or we suspect a significant other may cheat on us, or perhaps we’re disappointed in someone because they aren’t the way we want them to be. Whatever it is, they’ll quickly pick-up on our non-verbal thoughts and feelings quite clearly.

However, as much as people pick up on our negative thoughts and feelings about them, it’s also true that people receive all the positive messages we send them as well. In fact, our positive mental thoughts and feelings have a big impact.

If we think about it, we can see that if someone couldn’t stand us, we could feel it even if they didn’t say a word to us. Then we would very likely feel much the same way about them as well, even if we didn’t know why. Yet when someone loves us, we receive a completely different feeling that causes us to instinctually feel more kindly towards them. 

However, it’s not just the people we encounter on a daily basis that can read our positive and negative thoughts and feelings about them, but everyone in the world.

Once we understand that our kind and loving thoughts can impact and influence those both near and far, why would we want to view anyone in any way, other than through the eyes of love? If for no other reason than it’s obvious that being upset and angry with others, simply never results in the changes we wish to see in them. 

However, that is only one part of the story of love. It is not the whole story. Nor even the most important part. The reason to live our life viewing everything possible in a loving manner, is that it profoundly affects our own personal life experience. When we choose to view all things through the filter of love, then all things begin to look back at us in the same way.

This is simply because, despite how our mind perceives the world, the outside world truly is a reflection of our inner world. Or, as Neville Goddard liked to describe it, “the world is you pushed out”. 

Numerous ancient documents, as well as modern spiritual texts have spoken of our outer world as being a mirror of our inner realm, yet few have grasped just how literal this is. Of course it’s understandable, because our five senses continually inform us on a daily basis that the opposite is true. So the idea is difficult for us to grasp until we begin to examine our thoughts and beliefs. If we do, we eventually start to see how backwards our minds actually see the truth of reality. 

We can not receive true love everlasting, until we give it. This is why, deep down, no one feels truly and unconditionally loved for who we really are, unless we truly and unconditionally love ourselves first. When we love others, we’re actually loving ourselves, because we’re not separate from anyone or anything. 

This is because we are all ONE, larger thing. One larger being… and we are all a piece of it like the cells in a body.

By no longer living in the outdated idea that the only way to change those we don’t agree with, is by mentally, verbally, or even physically pushing and shoving them into submission, we ourselves benefit most of all. In approaching all things with love, including ourselves most of all, we enter a new age in our development where our personal experience of life begins to truly change for the better. 

When this happens, we finally realise the correlation between ourselves and the “outside” world. It is then that we start to understand that nothing can transform and heal the world BUT love. That the truth is, love is the only possible way it ever can change anything for the better.

For anyone who studies human history, it must be obvious by now that the opposite approach has never brought lasting peace to the world and it never will. But it’s more than this, because by loving the world and everyone in it, we not only heal the world, but we heal ourselves in the process. As the saying goes, “Love heals all wounds” and how true this is.

So instead of the worst, give the best you have to the world and the best will come back to you. Give love to yourself and others and you will find that the whole Universe responds in kind. Then you’ll begin to understand on a personal level, that our inner and outer world are one in the same. Something Quantum Physics understands very well. Therefore, in one way or another, the level of energy you put out, is the level of energy you get back.

What exactly do I mean by energy? I mean energy on the form of your thoughts, your feelings, your actions and your moods. These are all electrical impulses that your environment and other people pick up on. If, more often then not, you participating in repetitive negative and fearful thinking, then you automatically put yourself in the same frequency as other negative people and situations. Which is why you’ll cross paths.

Subsequently, when your thoughts, moods and actions are of a positive nature, then you are much more likely to rendezvous with like minded people and more pleasant circumstances. Think of it as swimming in an sea, with negative things swimming around in the heavy pressure of the ocean floor, along with the other bottom feeders and those who are much lighter and easily floating on top in the sunshine.

The world of energy, that we and everything around us is a part of, works very much like this. When we begin to understand the truth of how the Universe works, we can see that love really is the only way.

When you meet all things with love, you neutralize the effects of any negative energies coming your way. With love as your shield, negative thoughts can’t reach you, because love is always stronger than hate. But if you meet hatred with hatred, you increase and intensify its effect upon you. This is because like attracts like is a Universal law. Simply understanding this one thing, can change everything. . 

So bless the world and those in it with the protection and healing effect of your love, because without love, the world and those in it can not change. If we only have anger and hatred for others and the things they do, we have no hope of ever changing them for the better. Why do you think we are where we are today? Has love won the day? Or has our fear and hatred taken over.

There is only one thing that can save anything and it has always been love. It is not in gaining more knowledge, it is not in condemning others and punishing them. Those things have never saved the world and it never will. 

Those who are truly wise will never seek to send out unloving thoughts to others, because we won’t save others by dropping to their level if they are in a negative state of mind. Instead, raise them up to a higher level with thoughts of love. When you do, you’ll benefit yourself as well. In fact the value to you of your loving thoughts, is even more beneficial to you than to them. 

Be the savior of others, not their demise. Teach with love as your reign, so that they can go on to teach others. Almost always, people face struggles greater than we will ever know. We need more love and compassion for each other, not less. We need to nurture and comfort each other in this world, because it’s difficult for everyone. Everyone feels damaged to one degree or another. 

So comfort each other. Be brave enough to speak words of love and encouragement to those around you. They need to hear it, so be kind enough to say it. Have compassion for others by knowing that this world is not easy for anyone. If they are failing in word, or deed, then help them to stand up. Help them until they can stand on their own.

You can have a beneficial influence on everyone and everything around you, if you only choose to look through the eyes of love and compassion. If we don’t look for the good in others, then we… and the world… can never find it.