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Telepathy: Your Doing It All The Time

TELEPATHY operates constantly. So if you continually expect a person to behave negatively, then you are constantly sending them telepathic suggestions, which they will receive and act upon.

Each person reacts to suggestions according to the specific conditions existing at the time. People will conform to the mass suggestions they receive, to some extent or the other, according to the suggestions they receive.

These suggestions not only include the ones given to them by others, both verbally and telepathically, but also those we’ve given to ourselves, both in the waking and dream states.

So if a person is in a state of despondency, it’s because they’ve already become prey to negative suggestions of they’re own and others.

If you see them and think they seem miserable, unkind, unhealthy, etc, then these suggestions are picked up by that person subconsciously, even though you have not spoken a word.

In that person’s weakened condition, your telepathic thoughts about them, will be accepted and acted upon.

In the case of yourself, your own repeated thoughts and beliefs are accepted as fact and acted upon by your subconscious mind, which takes everything you think and say literally.

This is why you don’t want to think negative thoughts, or speak negative words about yourself or anyone else, even jokingly.

If you think loving thoughts about yourself and others, you’ll not only change your life, you’ll change the world.