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The Second Coming… It’s Already Here

This post isn’t going to be like any of my other posts. Normally, most people with blogs write posts all the time and though I’ve posted sporadically over the past few years, I didn’t make it a regular thing, because I had been told to “wait”. What was I waiting for? I had no idea. Only that I was told that I’d recognize it when it came…. and now it has.

When it arrived, I knew that it was something very important that needed to be shared with others. Especially since some of you may also be having the same physical experience at this time, but not understand what it is that’s happening to you.

Beginning in October 2021, I started experiencing these extremely expansive feelings in my heart / higher heart area. It’s a very physical feeling which I can only describe as the feeling of having a spot light of pure love beaming both in and out of my chest at the same time. It can be accompanied by feelings of rapture that can often bring me to my knees. I could easily stay in these states… probably forever… or at least I certainly would like to! Of course the demands of life force me at some point to break off and tend to other things.

I knew that this was something different than I’d experienced before, but I didn’t  understand why it was happening or what it was. Then a few weeks ago a close friend of mine, who is one of the most gifted people I’ve ever known, received a download so powerful that he literally had to walk away in the middle of a conversation with someone when it happened, because it completely overwhelmed him.

We happened to meet up later that same day, which is when he told me what had happened. He said that the download had come from a Knights Templar. The Templar(s) told him that they had urgent information regarding Mother Mary and the “Ark Of The Covenant”. My friend said he could tell that the communication was human in nature, because the transmission was very emotional. Unfortunately, that was all he could tell me at that time, because he had to wait for the information to completely download before he was able to integrate and share it, which wouldn’t be until the next day.

The next morning I went for a walk while waiting to hear back from him. While I was out, I had a sudden downpour of information so profound, that I had to turn around and literally run home as fast as I could to write it down. To me, it wasn’t big… it was massive. Since I hadn’t heard back from my friend, I went ahead and messaged him the information I had received.

Later that day, I was speaking to another psychic friend and out of the blue she mentioned that she had been having these heart opening, knee bending experiences of bliss, just like mine. Experiences that went beyond what we as humans think of as love. This of course made me realize that it obviously wasn’t just myself experiencing these powerful feelings. Out of curiosity, I asked two other psychic friends that same day if they had been experiencing any of these feelings and both of them confirmed that for the past month or two, they actually had been. Obviously, something was happening!

Here is the information that I had received, while out on my walk that morning:

“The Ark that the Templars protected… was actually Mary. It was the knowledge of who and what Mary really is.

The first time, Mary gave birth to one extraordinary being. Now Mary is giving birth again, but this time not to one individual, but to many. What has been hidden, is that Mother Mary is not simply an individual that lived 2,000 years ago, but she was (and still is) a literal portal for the physical manifestation of pure God essence into this world. 

So the “second coming” isn’t of Jesus Christ the individual, the second coming is  Mary. It is she who is giving birth to the Divine Feminine that is now expressing itself into this world. Through the Divine Feminine, Mary is birthing the Christ Consciousness of God, which is coming through the hearts of all those who will receive her.

In it’s purest form, Christ Consciousness is
the conscious and complete understanding of oneself as Creator in physical form.”

When my friend received this information, he replied: “Yes. Simply yes. This truly is the second coming.” He had received the exact same information.

Then he sent me this from the internet:

“The Catechism of the Catholic Church echoes the words from the earliest centuries: Mary, in whom the Lord himself has just made his dwelling, is the daughter of Zion in person, the Ark of the Covenant, the place where the glory of the Lord dwells. She is ‘the dwelling of God . . . with men’ (CCC 2676).”

There is a lot of confusion out there in regards to what’s happening on planet earth and what “the awakening” is actually about. It is about knowing oneself as God. It is God waking up in the world. Christ Consciousness on a mass scale. But since the world is run by those who have chosen to enslave man, there has been a massive effort made to shut this awakening down. An all out battle to derail mankind from waking up to who he really is by putting people “out of phase” with our own heart and soul.

This comes through many forms of control and manipulation, but mainly by seeding fear and confusion directly into the collective consciousness. By manipulating people’s thoughts and making people believe that all the thoughts their thinking come are their own.

Have you noticed people being much more argumentative and combative lately? A marked increase in people attacking and turning against each other on social media and other public forum’s? This is a direct result of this manipulation. A concerted effort to “stampede the herd”. And herding is exactly what has been taking place. Herding mankind into smaller and tighter corrals of mental, physical and emotional confinement. Cutting us off from each other, the old “Divide and Conquer” technique.

This disconnect is done by intentionally stimulating the reptilian part of the human mind into an almost constant state of stress, fear and/or anger. The “fight, flight, or hide” response in the part of the brain that lies within all mankind. So if you have noticed an increase in these feelings over the last few years, it is only because you are being intentionally manipulated to feel that way.

It is meant to divide us from that which makes us human… our ability to connect with each other on a human level. Something that only really happens when we’re physically around each other. Human’s are the most profoundly social species on the entire planet and we only truly thrive when we can interact, love and nurture each other in person, not through the separation of the internet. Without it, as many have discovered, life is a fairly hallow existence. I think most of us have come to realise over the last few years that people need people. People need a real community to exist within.

Right now, each of us has a choice. We are all being offered the option to fall back into a caveman like existence, ruled by the purely sense oriented reptilian mind, or to finally make the leap out of a fear run existence and into a world led by the heart, where conflict with ourselves and everyone else is left behind. This is an individual decision to remain in the tape loop of never ending suffering that mankind has been caught within, or to rise above it.

So, of course my question is, have any of you been experiencing this physical opening of the heart as well? If I and three others I know are experiencing it, then I assume there must be more who are.

And in addition to the heart opening, the ringing in my ears… which has only gotten louder and louder over the past several years… has now turned into a harmonics in my left ear. Instead of one, singular buzzing tone, it’s changed into something that sounds like a choir singing one note. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but one of the other ladies experiencing the heart opening, has also recently had this happen to her as well. With both of us, it is taking place in our left ear.

I’m finally beginning to speak about these things publicly now, both here, on my YouTube channel, Facebook, etc. But I would love to know if anyone else out there is also experiencing this phenomena. It’s through our shared community that we gain strength together.

Piper is what is known as a “Walk-In”. A part of pure Creator Essence that integrated into the physical in the winter of 2000.

Author of the book, “Surfer Of The Universal Wave: The Awakening Of You”, Piper now assists as many as possible in understanding the divine power of God within us all. Through her writing, videos, website and individual work with others, she helps people to remember the extrodinary beings that we truly are and to know that nothing is impossible. To assist us in seeing beyond our perceptions, not into another story, but to leave all stories behind. You can reach Piper through her website:, where there are connections there to her YouTube channel and more.