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The Power of Being Happy Now

As we’ve all been experiencing, life has become very different than it was before. It is now a rapidly moving and ever changing adventure that we must learn to thrive in.

I’ve known for many years that these changes would be taking place and I spoke of this and many other eye opening subjects on understanding life in my book on Amazon called, 🌿”The Universal Wave: The Awakening Of You”. I wrote it in order to help others through these changing times. It has the title that it does, because this IS the wave of change taking place now, which I spoke of then.

One of the most important things we can learn at this time, is how dramatically important our thoughts are. You know those conversations your having in your head all day long? Yeah, those. If you stop and examine them, your going to find that their most likely way more negative than you ever imagined.

So why is this important? Because it is what is dictating your experience and how you’ll personally experiencing this new energy… negativity or positively. And it is a very real thing. It’s coming to us in the form of solar storms, solar flares and many other earth changes. These in turn are amplifying the feelings of our personal state of being.

Therefore, if you are very positive in thought and feeling, then you will be able to connect to the same vibration of beautiful love that is now filling the natural world all around us.

However, if you tend to focus on what’s wrong in life, keeping yourself in a state of worry and fear, then you’ll experience an amplification of those feelings and experiences.

Whatever your mood, you’ll get more if it, because this energy is doubling, tripling and quadrupling everything. Where talking manifestation overtime. Our ability to manifest what we think about is speeding up exponentially.

One of the physical signs of these changes in our planet is the earth’s scientifically measurable Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance is our planets heartbeat and it has risen as never before, with science seeing massive spikes in its frequency. As humans, the frequency of our heart has always matched the resonate frequency of the earth. Now it’s time for us to catch up.

Otherwise, if we haven’t been keeping up by raising our frequency… and our mood… along with the earth’s, then we are now out of step with our environment.

This will feel like a sort of static, fried feeling that can be very grating. It can make you tired, worn out and feeling very odd, confused and even depressed.

If you find yourself in these states, then the only thing to do, is to change your mood. Because let’s face it, in the end no one has the ability to change it but us. We can’t rely on people and situations to do it for us and it wouldn’t be right to make anyone else responsible for something that only we can do.

So during these times, it can be helpful to choose to focus on what makes you happy instead of what bothers you. If you keep running up against something or someone repeatedly, then it means that your simply not meant to go that way. If your not in alignment, more pushing against it isn’t going to fix it. Your either a match, or your not.

This is now about doing what feels good. What keeps you in your happy place, because nothing matters more than you being happy now. Not tomorrow, not next week, next month, or next year, but right now.

Happy now matters, because tomorrow and every other day after that, is created out of the mood you have right now. And if your mood is “happy now”, then your building up momentum and you’ve got a lot better chance of tomorrow and every day after that being happy to.