“How To Manifest Your Destiny: The Power Of The Spoken Word”

There is this statement out of a well known book, probably the most read book in history I would imagine, which even you yourself may have read. It goes like this:

“In the beginning was the Word, 

and the Word was with God, 

and the Word was God.”

But what does that mean exactly? Well, it quite literally means that words have within them the power to create. It’s the last line that says it all, “and the word WAS God”. Meaning that the creative power of God is in the words themselves. That may seem like a bold thing to say, but when you consider the power of our thoughts, it stands to reason that the words that we speak contain even more power. In fact, more powerful than we can imagine. 

Examining Your Thoughts:

If you begin to examine the thoughts you think all day long, you’ll realise that most of them are not only negative, but very controlling to boot. In fact, just one single thought can either cause us to become giddy with joy, or sink us to the bottom of our own personal hell. So if thoughts have the power to make us, or break us that quickly, then how much more do our thoughts hold when we speak them out loud?

Consider all the things that people have said over your lifetime that have left a major impact on you. The statements that others have made that you have never forgotten and the ones that changed your life forever. Often, those people may not even recall what they said, or see it as way less significant than it was for you. That’s because they weren’t on the receiving end. Words have power. 

A lot. 

And the Universe is always on the receiving end of your words.

So how do words create?

First, as all things do, it begins with a thought. Then we choose whether to ignore it, or have an opinion about it. If we decide to have an opinion, then we get to decide if that opinion is going to be a positive or negative one. The next decision we make is whether we are going to share that opinion with others. 

It’s when we share our opinions with others, that the process begins. Once spoken, our words go out as a vibration which is picked up by the Universe and every other living thing as well.

Depending on whether our words are positive, or negative, they group together with other positive or negative thoughts and subatomic particles. Science now understands that since both our thoughts and our words affect the subatomic particles that make up matter, that we are literally affecting the physical reality all around us. 

It’s Already Within:

The most fascinating thing about all of this, is the realisation that we already have the power within us to create. This isn’t about religion, or adhering to any particular doctrine, it’s simply about understanding how we work so we can take full advantage of it and better our lives and the world around us.

The Power Of intent:

Today we often call these words spoken with intent, affirmations, but few know the true power of “The Word” when coupled with absolute belief. In ancient times it was considered “spell casting” to bring something into being through the spoken word.

This is also where the word “spelling” originally comes from. To make a spell. It meant that you were literally creating with your words and that it was considered magical when done with intent. Your spoken word, along with how you direct your thoughts, is the power we all hold. The degree to which you believe in your words, is what dictates whether or not it will come true for you.

Everyone has the power to change their life, because certain words… especially when repeated… impress the subconscious mind. Neuro Linguistic Programming and many other subconscious related modalities, teach us that once you reach the subconscious mind, there’s almost nothing you can’t program it to do for you. 

More money? Not a problem. Find the love of your life? Consider it done. Bold words? Yes, but then so is the power of belief. When it comes to our beliefs, most of us have it backwards. It’s not, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” The truth is, “You’ll see it WHEN you believe it” and this is how manifestation really works.

But how about you? Do you believe you have the ability to manifest your own destiny using the power of the spoken word? What methods have you used to manifest what you want into your life? Feel free to tell me about your favourite methods that have worked best for you in the comments below!