The Blog

On the Blog, I share revelations from what I can only call “incoming information” from the Source of us all. It is my desire to share this information with my family, of which I count you a member of.

My driving passion has always been to discover the inner workings of the Universe, thereby revealing the inner workings of ourselves at the same time. There has never been anything more important in my life than this. It’s simply what I came here for.

As much as I wanted to understand the Universe, who we are and our purpose within the Cosmo’s… I also wanted to find out for others as much as I did for myself. Because I knew that humanity as a whole, found suffering in the absence of our understanding.

When one begins to understand and experience the inner workings of the Universe, you begin to see the absolute truth that “you become who you believe you are”. You also realize that the Universe treats you according to who you believe yourself to be. The saying: “To know God, be God”, once realized, can become a very literal statement.

Many of us are beginning to wake up to the understanding that our entire life experience is a movie that simply plays out our beliefs about ourselves and our world. Change the believe and change… everything.

As I have found the way for myself, I help others find their way too. Just as others have done for me. For what is more important than our connection as human beings to one another? I tell you, that there is nothing more important in all the world, than the love that we share between each other. Love is what makes life worth living. Love and joy are our purpose here on earth.

So I hope you’ll join me as we hold hands and help each other walk out of the dark and into the light, together.