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There is a wealth of information and healing, just beyond the edge of your consciousness. During these events, we journey together to heal the inner you, so that we can change the outer as well.
During these sessions, we access the key to another part of your being that knows exactly how to balance and heal you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Through this combination of meditation and specialised hypnosis, we are able to connect you more fully to direct healing and inner transformation.

I lead these transformational evenings in the Penarth and Cardiff area, here in Wales. If you’re interested in knowing where and when these events are taking place, just send me a quick message on my “Contact” page and request to be added to the list.
Thank you very much, I look forward to seeing you there!
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Past Events:

Thursday, July 19th, 2018



Disclaimer: All processes offered by should not replace any existing medical treatments or medications. They are supportive and complementary to the overall management of health and wellness. You should seek professional medical advice if ailments persist.