From rock-’n’-roll musician, to working in Hollywood’s film and television industry. From drug addiction and homelessness, to spiritual awakening in the wilderness. Piper’s extraordinary life has easily encompassed several lifetimes within just this one.

One would have thought that this was the culmination, but it was only the beginning. In late 2011 she moved to Wales in the United Kingdom and met someone who would change her life forever. A teacher who spends most of his time in other worlds, ones more real than this one. He helped her remember who she was, taught her about the different levels of consciousness and how to physically travel between dimension.

Piper now teaches others how to access the other dimensions within themselves by journeying into a more expanded part of themselves. A place where we can literally rewrite both the future and the past.

Piper now works to help as many as possible to understanding the yearning that lies within the heart of us all. To assist in seeing beyond our perceptions, not into another story, but to leave all stories behind.

Through her talks, writing, videos, website and individual work with others, she helps us to release the conflict in our lives and remember the extrodinary beings that we are. Which is God in human form.

Piper was born and raised in California and is currently traveling the world.


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