I was born an intuitive empath and have been working to heal and inspire others my whole life. I channel information and energy, like my mother before me, who held lectures and workshops throughout the United States and Europe.

I’m also claircognizant (clear knowing) as well as clairsentient (clear feeling) and I use my abilities to assist others in connecting with their higher selves in order to open to their gifts and purpose in this world.

As for my own journey, I often feel that I’ve led many lives, with many names within this one, which can be seen when one views my personal life.

From rock-‘n’-roll musician and recording artist, to working in Hollywood’s film and television industry… from addiction and homelessness, to spiritual awakening in the wilderness… and so much more. It often feels as if there haven’t been many extremes my life hasn’t included!

Yet it is these extremes, that caused an intense transformation on an inner and outer level. Through this, I experienced a spiritual awakening and developed a conscious connection to Source energy, which I now experience physically as a continual stream of high vibrational energy.

It’s now my life’s work to help others to transform their lives so that they can step into the power of their own being, for both their individual growth and the greater good of the planet.

One of the ways I do this, is by assisting others through the powerful process of “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique” (QHHT). This is a unique form of past life hypnosis that allows people to remove blockages, gain life changing answers to long held questions and provide physical, mental and emotional relief.

I also shares my personal journey, revelations and what I call “incoming information” from my guides, on my “Ascension Notes” page. Here you’ll find helpful information on my own experiences, current Energetic Changes, the Reality of the Universe and much more.

To contact me regarding booking a session, arranging a talk, or anything else, please visit the: “Contact” page.

Thank you so much!


Disclaimer: All processes offered by PiperCheyanne.com should not replace any existing medical treatments or medications. They are supportive and complementary to the overall management of your well-being. You should seek professional medical advice if ailments persist.