“Within my journey, I often feel that I’ve led many lives, within this one. From musician and recording artist, to working in Hollywood’s film and television industry. From drug addiction and homelessness, to spiritual awakening in the wilderness. It often feels as if there haven’t been many extremes my life hasn’t included!

I have always known of something I call, “The Luminance”, but I didn’t understand what it was. It took most of my life before I understood it. It is me and it is you as well. It is the larger part of who we both are. From the deeper understanding of this knowledge, there grew a permanent and conscious connection to this wave of Luminance within me. A state of being that I experience physically as a continual stream of high vibrational energy.

I now assist others to recognise the Luminance within themselves as well. Not because their broken, but because they are Creator incarnate to, looking for the most beautiful and precious gift of them all… and that is you.”

~ Piper



Piper is an energetic channel of divine energy and consciousness, here to assist as many people as possible to wake up in this lifetime. To help others fulfill that deep, heartfelt yearning that lays within us all. The same one we all feel inside that tells us there’s much more to ourselves and life than we consciously realise.

Piper helps others to let go of the battle they’ve been waging, both with themselves and the world. To finally realise what they know in their hearts vs. what they think in their mind’s and to find the deeper connection that your inner self has been longing to bring into your life.

During a session, Piper helps to realign people with their true selves, so that they can begin to dissolve the illusion of separation within them. New information is shared on the true nature of reality, to help fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle and clear away the cobwebs that have been blocking your view. Allowing you to begin to remember your true nature again.


Piper is trained in a number of healing modalities, including:

*Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

*Reiki Master Teacher

*Reiki Cosmology

*Neuro Linguistic Programming

*Guardian Heart Angelic Healing

*Consciousness Transformational Tapping


One of the ways Piper helps others, is through the powerful process of “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique” (QHHT). This is a unique form of past life hypnosis that allows people to remove blockages, gain life changing answers to long held questions and provide physical, mental and emotional relief.

She also shares her personal journey, revelations and what she calls “incoming information” on the “Ascension Notes” page. Here you’ll find helpful information on her own experiences, current Energetic Changes, the Reality of the Universe and much more.

Piper was born and raised in California, but currently lives in Wales, United Kingdom.

To obtain information, book a session, arranging a talk, or anything else, please visit the: “Contact” page.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Disclaimer: All processes offered by PiperCheyanne.com should not replace any existing medical treatments or medications. They are supportive and complementary to the overall management of your well-being. You should seek professional medical advice if ailments persist.