Card Readings

In my personal readings for others, I use Oracle, Angel and Tarot Cards to give us a very accurate view of your specific question, or life situation.

To frame your reading, you can ask a question as a direction for your inquiry… or you can simply ask for an overview of your life and what it is you need to know right now.

You can choose to have a reading done using either Oracle, Angel or Tarot cards, or ask for a combination of all three.


● Card readings will be sent to you via your email address, or through Messenger if you request a reading via the “Golden Light Card Readings” page on Facebook.

● We endeavor to deliver all Readings within 24 hours, however in times of high demand, delivery may take up to 48 hours.

● Please inquire HERE, (or through Facebook) before making payment, to make sure space is available.

● Readings are payable in advance via PayPal at:
With much gratitude, I look forward to assisting you on your life’s journey!

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