Spiritual Guidance

In this life, you have the opportunity to awaken to your fullest potential. If you’re ready to fast forward your spiritual growth, I can help you connect to a more radiant part of yourself and be the person you came here to be.

After spending the last 30 years on the spiritual path, transforming and finally awakening, I now help others to do the same with one-to-one guidance.

Whether it’s a single session, multiple sessions, or the complete “Transformational Package” rewire, I can help you jump ahead in your spiritual growth.

Sessions can involve a number of topics including, exploring non-physical reality, the Higher Self, vibration and frequency, sacred geometry, meditation, how to work with energy, earth changes, the true nature of reality and the current global awakening…. all of which are aimed at opening your awareness, developing your abilities and opening up your connection to your Higher Self more fully.

Sessions can also include assistance in:

  • Meditation Techniques
  • Learning to use energy to heal yourself.
  • Learning to transmute negative energy into positive.
  • How to use crystals
  • And more…

Spiritual Counselling sessions usually last 1.5 hours and cost £40, or £35 each for a series of 4. Sessions are available either in person, via email, phone, Skype or Zoom. Feel free to contact me to discuss what it is you’d like to achieve.


For those ready to really jump ahead on their spiritual journey and make a real difference in their growth, this series of sessions will help you to transform. By assisting you to release fears, doubts, past trauma and the blocks that are holding you back, I help realign you and set you on the right path again, in this transformational processes.

Over the period of 5 weeks, you and I will work closely together to establish new patterns and understandings, for you to cultivate a deep sense of purpose and empowerment in your daily life. We will work to heal, transform, rejuvenate and clear your physical, mental and emotional bodies, to allow you to be in your full power.

Included in the Transformational Package:
1 VIP Day Past Life Regression Therapy and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session* (5-6 Hours)
4 Mentorship Sessions *1.5 hours each, which include…

  • 1 Higher Self Connection Hypnosis Session*
  • 1 Chakra and Light Body Activation
  • 1 Intuitive Card Reading
  • Learn how to use energy to heal yourself.
  • How to transmute negative energy into positive.
  • How to use crystals
  • Meditation Techniques to help you ground, center and learn how to connect to your higher self more fully.
  • Recording of QHHT Past Life Hypnosis Session
  • Suggested Reading and Research


£444 (payment plans available and I am also open to exchanges)
To get started in your expansion and self-discovery, email me at pipercheyanne@mail.com to set up a meeting to talk about working together. In that way, we can get to know each other and learn more about what is possible during the course together.

*Please note that currently, the Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Higher Self Connection Hypnosis, can only be done in person, however all the other parts of the Transformational Package can be done online via Skype or Zoom, or by email.
I look forward to being a part of your expansion and awakening!


Disclaimer: All processes offered by PiperCheyanne.com should not replace any existing medical treatments or medications. They are supportive and complementary to the overall management of health and wellness. You should seek professional medical advice if ailments persist.