“Thank you again for the QHHT session, it was truly amazing! I feel like a new person! I now see with great clarity AND can feel my connection with my higher self daily…definitely getting stronger! It took a few days for the process to come to completion for me but was well worth it!”

~ J. Rocke


Piper Cheyanne is a phenomenal healer and her energy can help with a massive range of physical and mental difficulties – I would recommend this to anyone looking to create a positive change in their mindset ❤ she has helped me many times over the past year, boosting my energy, clearing my mind & promoting self love ❤

~ J. Beer


“From all the experience what has been even more amazing is Piper generosity in time and presence, in a moment of crisis she sustained me in different ways, being a true angel in human form. Her presence and reassurance allowed me to be fully vulnerable and be in touch with the divine core, for this I’m deeply grateful.”

~ M. Salazar


“I had a wonderful experience with Piper. I really didn’t know what to expect as I have seen so many videos of QHHT on YouTube so I was a little nervous as I didn’t know what I would feel or see! As soon as I arrived, Piper made me feel very welcome. She had prepared the room beautifully with aromas of different oils and some spectacular crystals for protection and grounding. Piper’s soft, gentle and nurturing voice put me at ease and she made me feel secure. There was no feeling of judgement so I felt completely relaxed. Once I was under hypnosis, we didn’t go over any past lives as my higher self came through right away to provide definate answers to the questions I had pre prepared. Most of the answers I knew intuitively but it was helpful to hear them come so fluently and definitely without fear or anxiety clouding the information. I would highly recommend Piper if you want to try QHHT, meet your higher self and heal your inner child. So worthwhile, a life changing experience!

~ H. Tasher


Piper is so tuned in and connected to exactly what you are experiencing in real time. During a time of such confusion she was able to bring such clarity and no nonsense guidance that I so desperately needed! I highly recommend her!

~ S. Molera