The Book

Surfer Of The Universal Wave: The Awakening Of You

“We find ourselves in a time of unprecedented change within the course of human history. Not just a shift within our outer world, but a shift within our minds. The evolution of human consciousness, has already begun.

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This metamorphosis is an upgrade, meant to change humanity from a fear-based mindset, to one based upon love and compassion. Yet in order to understand and integrate these changes, we must first unravel who we think we were.

Untangling ourselves from the bondage of our mistaken identities to find the incredible truth inside of us. Within these pages the author shines a light under the cover of who we think we are, to reveal who we really are.

Unearthing how our mind operates so that we can understand what’s preventing us from seeing everything as it truly is. Inside these pages you’ll find: an understanding of the awakening process. The dissolving of duality and the larger story taking place on planet earth.

Understanding fear, frustration, anxiety and our desire for control. How we can move beyond our personality and our programming. What creates illness, why we shut down and how we can open up again. Seeing beyond the minds 24 hour pirate radio station.

Understanding how to let go of the stories that hold us back. The truth about relationships and where the feeling of love actually comes from. The importance of our imagination, our celestial entourage….and much, much more.”