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Know Yourself As Creator

This morning I was trying to finish writing a piece I had started the day before, on the subjective of fear. Then suddenly someone else posted on the subjective fear… and then yet another one soon after that.

And this happened the day before as well when suddenly other people popped up, writing about the same subject I was already working on.

Then it hit me that were not only downloading the same information at the same time, but it’s also being passed very quickly now from one of us to another.

I suddenly realised how incredibly telepathic and connected we’ve all become in the past few months.

Everything is clicking into place incredibly fast now. It used to take years for these things to happen, then last year it began taking months.

After the beginning of the year it speed up even faster, changes occurring more and more often. If you asked me last week how quickly it was happening, I would have said it had just jumped to about twice a week…. now it feels like it’s almost everyday.


I knew stepping into this last week, things were going to accelerate very quickly and they certainly have. This is happening and it’s happening now. This isn’t something we have to wait for any more, because it’s here. And this energy is so easy to connect with now.

Simply your intent and focus upon it and the desire to connect with this new energy, is all it takes to bring it into your life. If you haven’t already done so, start taking the time to get familiar with it now.

The time for waiting is done…

The time to know yourself as Creator has begun.


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